Video can be a great and useful tool in an arsenal, though I like to use it in very specific instances – typically, when a learner needs either a brief introduction to something, or a refresher on content that they already have some familiarity with.

Hey, I’ve Seen You Before

Below is an example of content that is largely familiar for an audience. In this case, an SME walks through a handful of changes to a document. The goal here is to allow staff to quickly run through and see exactly what’s changed, without need for interaction or assessment.

Do What, Now?

Here’s a case where I’m just trying to share some general information about a specific problem. The point isn’t to inundate with a lot of facts and figures, but just to provide a quick 30,000 ft view of an issue, its causes, and how we can solve them.

I Used to Use This…

Another example of some content that I put together for a massive software upgrade. The staff was familiar with the previous version, but a major facelift was brought on, and I had to have a smooth transition to the new version.

You can find that linky link right here.