Job Aids

I’m a big believer in job aids to help staff and employees get their work done, and done correctly. If careful analysis is conducted up-front, I find that many times job aids are far more effective than a big training program.

Digital Job Aids

However, while I have some examples of infographics and illustrations to assist in understanding, a job aid doesn’t have to be static or read-only. It can still be interactive. Click the image to check out what I mean.

We used that program to, among other things, find the right donation type for a donor, to find a country on a map, and to help with some other basic rules.

In another example, I chose to use a job aid for a disaster recovery effort, rather than hold workshops and meetings.  I primarily went this route so that we wouldn’t have to use scarce resources to hold numerous workshops everytime a department head came and went. Instead, we used a one-page website that would go live in the event of an emergency, and explained each person’s role at that time. Click the image to see a full example.

Printed Job Aids

Of course, there’s still a time and place for printed material, too.

I think this pretty much speaks for itself – like a job aid should.