eLearning is how I got into instructional design, and while my roots are still here, it’s not my “passion;” rather, I like helping people and businesses figure out how to make more efficient processes.

That said, I’ve got some examples of different kinds of eLearning programs.

Branching/Game Elements

Below, we have an example using branching, variable counters, and game elements. The goal is to use proper customer service techniques to encourage an extra donation. Can you get the double red cell?

Interactive Video

With this one, we filmed some interviews with SMEs using real examples. We were trying to encourage conscientiousness, and let people know that there’s a very real dollar value associated with mistakes.

Software Interaction

Sometimes, you have to create comprehensive software training. In the example below, we are giving staff realistic scenarios, and encouraging them to use the simulated software to make determinations on eligibility. Give it a go.

Choose Your Own Adventure

This is probably one of the most ambitious – and yet fun- projects on which I’ve ever worked. We have staff flung all across the region, and as a result, we have people who don’t know what goes on in our lab. What better way than to provide them with a first-person POV to check out where things are? We included branching, variables, video, illustrations, HUDs, and lots of easter eggs. See how many you can find.